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About us


Factory of heating elements “Srećko” Ltd. was founded in year 1992. as a handicraft workshop owned by Srećko Zdravković.

1994. achived the initial capital to seriously develop and promote production of tubular electric heating elements with the use of modern materials.


1996 begins industrial work and recruitment large number of workers and professionals from different sectors and the establishment of engineering and commercial sectors , supply their own transport vehicles, as well as the introduction of modern means of communication.



Over the years records constant growth and development into a serious and competitive manufacturer of heating elements.

Continuous upward path followed by the increase in production volume, product range, number of employees, resulted in the construction of a new factory in Pancevo road. In January 2015, the FEG "Happy" was moved to the new building, which extends to 600 m2 production and 600 m2 office space.

Modern equipped administrative space allows our clients to feel comfortable during the visit. Production space is designed to the highest standards. Production is organized in three independent production lines and has the most modern machines for the production of heaters, world leading companies Kanthal Machinery, Granlund, CSM Machinery, Rossler and others. New technology, human resources potential, experience and quality puts the plant in the ranking of the leading producers of heaters.



In its product assortment Factory "Srećko" offers an extensive range of electrical heaters for household appliances, industrial heaters, heaters used in medicine, catering, baking and all the small and large series. It is able to realize the different requirements of each customer and adapt their production for needs of clients. Our mission is the reliable quality, good service, optimal price.



FEG Srecko record years of success on the territory of Serbia and international markets-Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatian, Italian ... about of Success and marketing show numerous awards, recognition, honors received in recent years.



We will be glad to establish cooperation with each client, as well as to continue our successful cooperation with existing customers.





Factory Srecko with young, ambitious leader, developing new products and conquering the market. We are here to help you in selecting the right products, provide the best offer and the conditions for cooperation, answer any questions about our products. Our team will implement all your technical requirements in a timely manner.

Tamara Krstic

Position: Director

Phone: 011 277 57 63

Phone: 063 287 564

Email: grejacisrecko@gmail.com

Milan Roknic

Position: Sales director

Phone: 011 275 74 66

Phone: 063 574 458

Email: prodaja@egsrecko.rs

Email: grejacisrecko@gmail.com

Ana Stašević

Position: Sales Manager

Phone: 063 107 44 53

Phone: 011 655 80 51

Email: prodaja@egsrecko.rs

Email: grejacisrecko@gmail.com

Aleksandra Vidak

Position: Sales manager

Phone: 063 107 43 95

Phone: 011 655 80 52

Email: prodaja@egsrecko.rs

Email: grejacisrecko@gmail.com

Borislav Kovac

Position: Production Manager

Phone: 063 107 43 81

Phone: 011 655 80 53

Email: borakovac@egsrecko.rs

Darko Vukoje

Position: Procurement Manager

Phone: 063 107 45 42

Phone: 011 655 80 53

Email: nabavka@egsrecko.rs

Email: grejacisrecko@gmail.com

Selena Mladenovic

Position: Account manager

Phone: 063 107 44 36

Phone: 011 277 57 63

Email: grejacisrecko@gmail.com

Jelena Bajalica

Position: lawyer

Phone: 011 277 57 63

Email: grejacisrecko@gmail.com

Jovana Krstic

Position: Manager of Research and Development

Phone: 063 107 41 61

Phone: 011 655 80 53

Email: jovanakrstic@egsrecko.rs

Email: grejacisrecko@gmail.com

Radovan Pajic

Position: Techical sector manager

Email: tehnika@egsrecko.rs

Email: grejacisrecko@gmail.com